This is a work in progress.

The basic folds, the "moves" of origami, and diagramming is shown below. At times, terms and diagraming symbols can vary but are still easily understood.

The Symbols, the Folds, and Their Meanings
Term Meaning Symbol(s) Further Explanation
Any foldSelf-Explanatory
The point may vary.
Fold and unfold Self-Explanatory
The point may vary.
Valley foldA fold in frontValleylineThe reverse of a mountain fold
Mountain foldA fold behindLinemountThe reverse of a valley fold
RepeatRepeat on an identical segment one, two, etc. times
The number of bars represent the number of times.
InflateBlow inside a hole in the model to expand
Inside reverse fold, also hood foldDes.Img.Furth.

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