The blintz base is a traditional origami base, named after a thin pancake of Slavic orgins. It is formed by bringing all four courners of a square to the center point. Blintz can also be used as a type of fold meaning bringing all four corners to the center and as a verb. George Rhoads helped to pioneer the usage of the base. The blintzed bird base and the blintzed frog base are derived from it.



Step One


Finished product

  1. Create a diagonal crease on the square paper by folding two opposite corners together.
  2. Unfold and fold to the other diagonal. The direction of the folds that will be done is irrelevant, as they are for guidance only.
  3. Use the creases created as guidance while you fold the corners of the paper into the center.
  4. It should look like the illustration below.


A modified blintz base folding technique is the way to create a paper lotus.

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